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Tesla motors to make cases for iPhone!

Not more than two weeks back we wrote about OnePlus launching a case for the iPhone, Tesla motors has followed the same path. But, the cases will be made from leftover leather from its vehicles. 
Tesla’s Model S is a very popular car, leading the company to increase its production to 50,000 cars per year. Larger production means larger amounts of waste. Although, the company got a way to not waste this but put it to good use, but also make money out of it.

The covers are priced at $45 and for an added $5, Tesla will add some credit card slots to it as well. The cover will protect its contents from RFID readers, claims the company.

The iPhone case will sport Tesla’s logo and has now found itself located on the list of strange items the company has sold in the past. A golf towel, leather driving gloves that also work with touchscreens and a crown jewel made from leftover leather are some of its other unusual items.

Driving gloves by Tesla

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