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OnePlus Launches a sandstone finish case for... iPhone!

If you ever wanted to buy a OnePlus smartphone, you know that they like to do things in a really weird way. Starting from their invite system ofcourse to  donate their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a free OnePlus 2, they just love doing the  "unique" unexpected stuff.

That is why, today OnePlus today has launched a premium looking $20 Sandstone finish case, not for the OnePlus X, but the iPhone 6S series.

Both the flagship phones by OnePlus have sandstone finish making it feel present for most users and making it easier to hold on to. 

The product is already listed on the OnePlus' official website. This case will supposedly be available for most regions, USA, Europe and India. Along with the case, the package will also have an invite to purchase the OnePlus X which ofcourse will be region specific too.

OnePlus thinks that many users will buy this cheeky gift for their iPhone user friends. This is what OnePlus told 
“For us and for many of you, Sandstone represents something bigger. Maybe you know someone who just went out and bought the latest iPhone. Maybe you were this close to getting them to see your side of things. This is your chance to leave your exasperation at the door and just show them what they’re missing.”
 Mocking Apple, the case has a tagline which says "Get a Grip" and #NeverSettle which is their motto. The case also hides the Apple's logo and boldly flaunts its own logo, which makes me think that this case wouldn't be bought by Apple users but users who actually want to buy the OnePlus X itself. 

So how will you be utilising this case? Getting it as a gift for an iPhone user telling him to change to a OnePlus or buying the case just to get your hands on the invite to purchase the OnePlus X? Do tell us in the comments!

Pic: Cult of Android 

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