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Cicret: A touchscreen phone for your hand! [Video Included]

If you could say that something is advancing very rapidly, you got to include phones in it! From basic phones to touchscreen one's and the present smartphones, some having curved displays and some having an edge to their screen, technology in mobile devices is going forward very fast. 

The project, called the Cicret is a band worn around your hand which lets to handle your skin as a touchscreen smartphone! Amazing right?

Although news about this had come a couple of years ago, but then people didn't have much information about it. And so we did this article now, a few years after its launch. 
If you already are excited about this project, visit their website to help them with getting funds for this unique product.

The Bracelet is still a prototype and is still undergoing the funding cycles. This band will also give a tough competition to the Smartwatch market. Cicret has nearly no dependency on the mobile it is paired with.

The Cicret uses a Pico projector to show your smartphones screen on your arm. It also sports eight proximity sensors which the band uses to detect your finger position to feedback controls. This means you can use your phone as you would normally, but all right there on your arm while the device itself sits in your pocket or bag.

Circet features its own processor, vibration feedback, storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the sensors and projector. Although we would want to see how long the battery will last on a device like this. 

The campaign for the bracelet finished on Indiegogo where it was going for $400, now for $250 for donors. The campaign has now gone from the site along with the video where it says the company is "actually modifying a few things… so [will] be back soon."

The company also needs donors for getting findings to increase the production and deliver the product on time. With the donors money, they would be able to do the following-

1)Start the industrial development of the working samples.
2) Officially launch the pre-sales worldwide.
3) Deal with distributors in every country.
4) Start the mass production of the Cicret Bracelet by Fall 2016.
5) Deliver the Cicret Bracelet by the end of 2016.

This looks like a very cool innovation and surely will change the way we use our smartphones in the future. 

What do you think about this project? Do let us know in the comments!

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Hrithik Kaul

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