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Donate your Galaxy S6 or Note 5 for a free OnePlus 2

OnePlus, the newbie in the mobile industry made a destruction in smartphones with its then new and latest phone- The OnePlus One. People were awestruck how could a phone with such high end features be available for just around 300$.

Everything, almost everything was well for OnePlus so they launched their new phone the OnePlus 2. This, as most of us know is suffering from a lot of competition in the market as it is competing with phones like Moto x Play and Xiaomi Mi4. OnePlus also had open invite sales for the phone for hours a couple of days back. This probably shows there is a little fault in the promotion of the OP 2.

OnePlus although has not lost any hope ( it shouldn't too ) I still feel their phones are in the top level. So, they are going to come out with a new phone, it will be a cheaper phone than the 2 with a little lower specs. Oh, this phone is not called the onePlus 3, but the Oneplus X or OnePlus mini. 

Coming to what we actually had to talk about, OnePlus is instead asking people to give them their Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Note 5 in exchange for a free OnePlus 2. 
Seaming to be a little stupid, OnePlus does not have plans to just recycle the phone or something like that, but give it to an organisation called Hope Phones, a charitable organization that helps bring medical technology to those in need.
OnePlus has almost always not kept up to mark with the execution of its products.
First, all the above mentioned handsets are worth more than the OnePlus 2, and newer phones like the Edge+ and Note 5 are worth almost double the price of OnePlus’ flagship. Second, they are billing this as a contest and therefore only shipping 50 phones in total (with the winner apparently being selected at random), severely crippling the potential marketing reach. Then again, they might have trouble finding more Samsung users that would actually take up this deal.

OnePlus although has reasons for doing so, this is what OnePlus had to say.
The OnePlus 2 was created by tech lovers, for tech lovers. We keep our devices free from gimmicks and bloatware. We explore what’s fresh and exciting, as opposed to recycling the same technology as incredible breakthroughs time and time again. That’s why we are giving those who may have settled for The Next Big Thing an interesting opportunity. 
We’re confident that we’ve created one of the most fantastic smartphones on the market today. So confident that we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are.  
Owners of a Samsung flagship phone (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, or Note 5) can trade theirs in for the newly launched OnePlus 2, and we’ll donate your old smartphone to Hope Phones! 
Hope Phones is a forward-thinking non-profit organization that brings medical technology to those in need. Your contribution in this swap could help someone in a remote area of the world get fast, efficient, and professional medical care.
SignUp for it over here. So how many of you are going to exchange your Galaxy for a OnePlus 2!?
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Hrithik Kaul

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