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You can now search on WhatsApp for Wikipedia Info, Jokes, Sportsnews,Weather & more!

All of us have different apps for weather updates, sports news, Quizzes, train status and more...

But what if you can get everything mentioned above, and a lot more just by typing a few words on WhatsApp!? Amazing right?

Yes, it is very amazing indeed. 

Duta is an intelligent bot developed in India. It searches for your query on Wikipedia and replies within seconds, it sends you jokes, gives updates on the latest Hollywood and Bollywood news, tells you about your train's status, gives weather information in your area, gives scores on football and cricket matches and some other sports, read random quotes and give you the latest information in your favourite actors and actresses!

How to activate Duta WhatsApp Bot On your phone?

Getting the services of WhatsApp Bot by Duta is as simple as 123! Follow the steps given below and you are all set to experience the fun with DUTA!
  1. To start the bot, you need to add the number +91-8144643775 on your phone.
  2. Now launch your WhatsApp mobile app and create a group with the number given above or add the number to an existing group.
  3. You are now ready to go!

How do I use all the features of the Duta WhatsApp bot?

  1. To get Wikipedia information, type Wiki [search item] and hit send.
  2. To join the English news channel, send +NEWS to the group (unsubscribe anytime by sending -NEWS )
  3. Know the meaning of a word by sending +DICT WORD and hit send.
  4. Join Football or Cricket channel by sending +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL to the group.
  5. To play a GK quiz, simply send +GK to the group and you'll have a quiz round of 3 questions. You will have 30 seconds to answer each number. 
  6. For knowing the status of your a train (only in.India) type *Train 12780 (where 12780 is the train's number)
  7. To know the weather in your locality, just type *weather 560022 (where 560022 is the locality's pin code) 

As we mentioned that this bot will give you updates about your favourite actors and actresses, just type your favourite Bollywood celebrity's name and you will get updates on the within minutes! 

To get updates on, for example, Salman Khan, you will just need to type +Salman and the Duta bot will send you all updates like latest movies, upcoming movies, personal life and more!

Although many bots like this are seen on WhatsApp, most of them are just spam and steal your personal information, whereas it looks different in the case of the Duta bot. You can visit the developers website

If you are not able to use Duta with the number given above, you can try doing the same with the number +16044991532

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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