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TUP- The most modern pen with PowerBank, Memory card and more!

The TUP ( The Ultimate Pen ) is one of the most advanced writing instruments created as of now with many more features added to a pens actual usage. 

The overall size of the pen is 6 inches with a metal tip, external phone memory, flash drive and also a power bank to keep your phone charged!

Metal Tip

According to the developer of the pen, the instrument has a metal tip which makes it much better to write and it is also smug free. 
The developer has also said that with this tip, you could write for an average of about 25+ years without the need to change the pen or the refill.

External Phone Memory / Flash Drive 

With the external memory, you could increase the storage on your phone by 8, 16, or 32 GB. It is the fastest way to connect your Android Smartphone with a computer without the need of wires, Internet and a cloud connection.
Nowadays we have so much stored on our phones - apps,photos, videos, music. 
Often we simply do not have enough space on our phones to have all that we want, so we need to find some space. And all you need to carry is a pen.


Yes! You read it correctly. Technology has become so advanced that your pen can also charge your phone now!
The TUP pen sports a 800mAh battery which can increase your phones battery by about 20%-30% depending on your phones battery size.
Although the battery this is giving is not sufficient, it certainly is better than carrying a bulky big powerbank with you all the time. 


With the supersonic advancement in gadgets, tablets and phones have also become our new paper and "Post-it" but typing with your hands is a little cumbersome. Oh, and not all of us are going to spend hundreds of dollars on Apples iPencil, would we?
This ultimate pen has also got this need of yours covered.


Stating the obvious, this writes as well as any other pen you use. Be it the cheap ones or the costly Lamy's and Parkers.
This pen is not made of any ordinary materials, but is made of Aircraft grade aluminium. Any other pen of this material will not cost you anything below 15$. And as you know about the cost of other features of this pen like the power bank and memory, this should not cost anything less than, say, 60 dollars, right? Yes. Even we thought the same, but surprisingly this pen will cost just around 35$!

When can I buy this pen?

Currently, the prototype of this pen is being made, according to the creator of it, the Kickstarter campaign of The Ultimate Pen will be launched before the end of next month, that is March 2016.

What else could this have?

This has almost everything which makes it unique and different from other pens, it would be great if the newer versions of this could feature a spy camera with recording and video features. Not to forget that these camera pens are already present in the market, it would not be too difficult for the developer to add this feature into the pen.

You can visit TUP's website
Do tell us how you felt about this pen in the comments below!

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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