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This brick sized battery can increase your Samsung Galaxy's battery by 8500mAh!

ZeroLemon, the company which is known for making big extended batteries, has now come out with extendable batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus. 

The batteries give you almost three times more battery, top of the inbuilt 3,000-mAh batteries which come in the Note 5 and Edge S6 Plus, at the cost of three times the thickness which, pretty much makes it look as big as a brick. 
Being 21.1mm in thick and 218 grams in weight without the phone, you probably wouldn't want to use ZeroLemon’s extended batteries every day, unless you want to grow a muscle. However, if you use your phone a lot and aren't near a charger for extended periods, this is an excellent solution. It can also be used like a powerbank and is actually better, becuase it would occupy a lesser area. 11,500 mAh of power in total could keep you running for almost a week with light usage!
The features of the device include pass-through QC 2.0 charging for the phone, LED indicators for power levels, and a manual switch that lets you let the juice trickle in exactly when you want it.
The ZeroLemon 8,500 mAh extended batteries just launched on Amazon and they are available at the introductory price of $59.99
Are you excited about the charger ZeroLemon has just introduced? We surely are! We hope that the company will bring out this product for more phones in the future.

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