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New WhatsApp scam tricks users to give personal information and infects devices with malware

WhatsApp has become so popular that these days, whenever a person asks you to send them a text, they don't say "hey, drop me a text in the evening" or something like that but just tell you "hey, WhatsApp me today evening" without even thinking whether you use the app or not. Of course, in today's world there aren't many people who do not use this instant messaging application. 

Along with the popularity comes a lot of spam, and scam. 

All of you will probably know what spam I am talking about. Getting those annoying messages from random numbers selling a product or service, is pretty irritating. But what should bother you more is the latest scam surfacing on WhatsApp. 

Also, this isn't the first time something like this is happening on WhatsApp. Before the launch of the latest version of WhatsApp which had the voice calling feature, there was something similar happening.  Users were told that if they want d to get updated to Whatsapps latest version, they would have to visit a link. Upon clicking it, malicious files were downloaded on the device. 

But the present scam is much more harmful for the WhatsApp users. 

The new scam tricks users into revealing personal information like passwords and account details. A link comes from what seems to be a friend and when the recipient opens it, they are directed to a website which asks for their private details. Users often find themselves on a discount page asking for log-in ids and passwords.
It's not just this much, the victims phone would also be flooded with a lot of virus being installed on their phones. Moreover, the people who get tricked into this scam are then asked to forward the message to their friends in return for a promotion like a discount coupon with a famous brand and so on.

David Emm, Principal Security Researcher At An Internet Security And Anti-Virus Software Company Comments On This And Says, “We Have Noted That This WhatsApp Scam Has Been Actively Circling For Some Time. It ‘Speaks’ Several Languages So The Attacks Can Be Customised For Each Market.
What is more disturbing is the fact that owing to its far reach all over the world, this virus makes makes use of different languages.

WhatsApp has gained a lot of popularity since its launch and now has a billion active users all around the world. It's also facing compitition with other messengers like WeChat, Hike and Telegram, and many others. Recently they also increased the maximum people allowed on a WhatsApp group from 100 to 256 due to increasing compitition. 

We hope that something would be done about this as soon as possible, and please share this with everyone you know so that nobody's privacy is affected. 

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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