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Moto G4 2016 launch- Specs, price, rumours and more!

Motorola's G series phone indeed are doing very good. From when the started with the first generation Moto G1 to the launch of the Moto G3 in the second half of last year, Motorola has some great sales with this device. 

According to sources the phone's launch schedule for different countries would be as follows-
Moto G 4th Gen release program 
1. India (4th week of June) 
2. China, Brazil (first week of July) 
3. USA, UK, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam, Bangladesh, UAE and European countries (3rd week of July)  4. Some Asian countries and African countries (late July). 

A new rumour which has surfaced recently says that the 4th generation Moto G may cost more than its previous version, the Moto G3.
Moto G4will come with Gorilla Glass 4 protection and 6H hardness glass for the devices camera. We most likely think that the Moto G4 will also sport a shatter proof screen. For now the shatter proof screen is exclusive for high-end Motorola devices. 

Moto G 4 Will be launched with Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 SOC, which was earlier reported by tipster. It seems like the parent company Lenovo does not want to kill the already hit Motorola’s budget segment smartphones.

According to sources, Motorola wants to create a premium budget device, featuring an Octa-core CPU and 3 GB of RAM. Moto G4 can also feature a Wolfson DAC and Dolby ATMOS for better Audio output. This is because Snapdragon 650 uses 2 Cortex A72 Cores and 4 Cortex A53 cores, the 4th gen Moto G will definitely perform better in everything including battery performance.

It is also suggested by Lenovo’s CEO that both companies can use their technologies in smartphones to improve cost and user experience. Which means Moto G4 will use Theater Max technology and VR kit like just launched Lenovo’s K4 Note smartphone.

Another leak suggests that the phone will probably have a home button and will also have the fingerprint scanner on it. Yes, a fingerprint scanner for the phone is confirmed. It is confirmed by Motorola’s parent company Lenovo that, All 2016 smartphone lineup would feature a fast and secure fingerprint scanner and, at least, a 5" screen. He also said that Lenovo will merge it’s UI with Motorola in the year 2017 (which I hope not, becuase there are many people who love the stock Android experience). Although nothing was said clearly but Lenovo is planning to wipe out some Motorola devices including the Moto E.

According to an anonymous tipster, Motorola is again planning to launch  2 models of Moto G4, one with 3 GB of Ram and second with a 2 GB of Ram. This will enable the company to target both mid and lower end markets. The phone will come with Android Marshmallow 6.0 and will also get future updates.

Coming to the pricing which is not official as of now, the Motorola Moto G 2016, for the  2 GB Ram variant will cost 200$ in US. The 3 GB full HD variant would cost around 229$ in USA. Moto G4 price in the UK would be same as in the USA and for Brazil it will cost same as India. Although, these prices are subject to change. Moto G4, for the 3 GB Ram model would cost 14500 and the 2 GB Ram model would cost around 13500.

Talking about the battery, the phone will feature a 2750 mAh Li-Pol battery with Motorola’s property optimization to boost the power one step high, Which means you can expect a full day battery backup with power usage like gaming, browsing etc. It will most likely also have the fast charging feature. 
The design of the phone, I wish, would be different from the 3rd generation Moto G. Almost all Motorola phone look identical on the outside, the difference generally lies only in the screen size. We hope this would be different for the G4 but sources suggest that the G4 would continue to have the same looks as its predecessor, the Moto G 3rd generation. 

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