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Samsung takes cue from Adele, plans to launch flip phone

The most trending songs of these days is "Hello" by Adele. As much as people around the world enjoyed the song, many people were also confused as to why Adele had a flip phone with her. Common, we're in 2015. Flip phone are the talk of the past.
If you didn't see it yet, its just in the starting few seconds of the song, or see this GIF instead.

As puzzled you are right now, others were Puzzled too.

This guy cracked a nice joke..
Coming back on point; According to Samsung Mobile, the phone likely be called SM-W2016. It will come with two 3.9-inch, 1280x768 pixel displays — each on one side of the phone's cover. On the lower part of the phone you'll find a numeric keypad which we hope you still know to use. Perfect way to go back in the 90's right? 
As we all can see, this phone looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Only The Looks Are Of The 90's

Yes, probably the looks of this phone is the only thing which will make you go back to the 90's. It comes with one of the latest versions of Android- Lollipop 5.1.1

The device will also have an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, 3GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 16-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel secondary one. Not too bad for an ancient calling device right?

Although, if you are thinking that this kind of a phone is very old fashioned and out-of-date, we would like to tell you that Samsung has already launched a phone like that in the earlier months of this year called Samsung Galaxy Golden. However, this phone is only available in South Korea as of now. They had launched the phone in July, oh and by the way, unlike the SM-W2016 this was a budget phone.

For all the Adele fans, this guy has some point in the making of the song Hello ;-)

So, will you be wanting a phone just like Adele used in her song Hello? Do tell us by answering in the comments.
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  1. Yeah, why not. Get a touchscreen preferably big enough like 5 inches and a flip. It'll be good. Some good hardware and camera likes phones usually have. It'll be good. I'll buy that!

    1. 5" plus the area of the flip part. It's probably gonna be very big! Don't you think so?


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