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Snapchat: A wannabe money vending machine?

As Snapchat a couple of weeks back released their coolest and latest update which could change your face with hilarious faces like ghosts, rainbow vomit, tear eyes and much more, every single person enjoyed it. For a couple of days everyones SnapChat story was filled with their "Lenses" image.
If you do not know what 'SnapChat Lenses' is, you might want to see our post regarding that here before you continue with this post. 

Snapchat, along with the Lenses feature told that they will let you replay a Snapchat 'Snap' against money. Fine till here, right?

But SnapChat still wants to make more and more money, not saying that they should not make money, but the way they want to make it is, probably very weird for its users

From now,  many of the awesome filters like the tear eyes, rainbow vomit and ghosts will be reduced, or discontinued, Yes, I said DISCONTINUED! and will make way for sponsored Snapchat Lenses.

So what are these Sponsored Lenses?

As we already know, "Sponsored" is related to money. And this is what Snapchat is seeking for. Or should i say A LOT OF MONEY?

For money that can go as much as $ 75,000 ( Rs 4,80,00,000 approx ) Snapchat will make Sponsored Lenses for brands, that will last for 1 day. 

The new sponsored lenses will roll out on or before Halloween's day ( 31 October ). The prices will begin from $ 45,000 ( Rs 3,00,00,000 approx ) and go upto $ 75K for " Peak days " i.e public holidays, festivals etc. It has also been told that these figures can go a long way in the sky as Snapchat has millions of users across the globe. Yeah, millions of people and millions of rupees will probably seem to be fine for companies targeting so many people. 

It is not that we do not support this update, but Snapchat should also try to keep its customers and users happy, in other words they should not discard the funny Lenses like the ones we mentioned above. The new update will probably be fun for us in the beginning because Snapchat has told that its first few clients are probably going to be Hollywood Studios and later can be any company that is not even related to your interests. 

This is the fourth revenue making mode of Snapchat after next to discover, ads in daily streaming and paid replays.

This is what Snapchat had to say about the latest Sponsored Lenses 
sponsored lenses allow Snapchatters to express themselves and connect with a brand in a really creative and dynamic way.
We hope Snapchat is the same fun as it was before, right!? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Snapping! 
Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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  1. Atleast everyone is a celebrity now ( only celebrities are shown in ads ) So our face are ads now :/ STUPID SNAPCHAT -__-


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