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Meet the man who bought for less than $12 a little while back

One of the most difficult task of today's tech world is finding yourself a good domain name. You should consider yourself lucky if you find the domain name you want!

But being lucky is one thing and being the owner of the domain is another. This person from India was actually able to buy something much more than he wanted! He purchased for just around 12 Dollars!

The person, named Ved said in a blog post about the entire process on LinkedIn pulse of purchasing the domain. He also received 2 domains from Google about the transaction. 

Ved said he started to get webmaster-related messages intended for the domain name in his Google Search Console, Google's webmaster toolkit that provides messages and other tools site owners need to maintain their website.

Oh, but his ownership of Google was short lived. Or i must say very short lived. He was the owner of for just a minute when he received a notice that his purchase has been cancelled. Sources tell us that it was easy for Google to re-secure its domain because it owns Google domains, or else it could have been a herculean task for the company.

It is unclear what was the cause of this transaction but Google is investigating on this and we will let you know about this soon.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, back in the year 2003 when technology was not so advanced that Microsoft lost its domain but the person who got it gave it back to the tightful owners on the same day

Soo... What would you do if you owned the worlds most viewed and popular domain!? Tell us in the comments 

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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