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VLC and Plex apps coming for the new Apple TV

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Apple's newest fourth generation Apple TV has a lot; a dedicated app store, which allows users to access many apps and features which were not present previously on the older Apple TV.
As we all know about the popular media apps Plex and VLC, both are coming to the new Apple TV, with TVOS ready for TV devices.

The developers behind VLC announced their work on a tvOS app this morning, though few details have been given. "Some code to build VLCKit for the new tvOS was merged," reads a blog post. "It's very early though, but we have video playback!" 

Well maybe some of us do not know what VLC is, VLC is a popular cross-platform media player that is designed to be compatible with audio and video files and acts like a streaming server. It is available on the Amazon fire TV, Apple devices which was just Macs and iOS devices as of now.

A similar working app like the VLC called Plex is also arriving for the latest Apple Tv. A tvOS version of Plex is in its making.
This is what Scott Olechowski told around last week.

There is no question we will be able to offer Plex on the platform. There are multiple ways to go about it, based on the tvOS SDK we now have access to. We are now evaluating the best path for Plex and will begin work in earnest once we have evaluated the options. The ability to access great and proven iOS frameworks on the device is great for developers like us -- we know the stuff is solid and will perform really well. Our goal is to enable people to enjoy Plex on the hardware platforms of their choice, and there is no doubt this will be a top platform for us.

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Currently Plex is compatible only with set-top boxes like the Fire TV or the Chromecast. But it is a very popular choice amongst the jailbroken Apple TV's as it is not available for the Apple TV users officially.

As of today, developers are beginning to place their orders for Apple TV Developer Kits, so we may soon be hearing a lot more about these two apps and other apps that will be coming to the Apple TV.
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