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The App which does magic to your phone - Blippar

Yes, this app really is capable of doing magic with your phone and make you really amazed with its capabilities. Till now you'd say "Saw GTA V!? What amazing graphics it has!" or something of that sort.
Although the 'graphics' of Blippar is not what's great in this app, but its something very different, and very cool!

What is Blippar?
Blippar is an augmented-reality mobile app and advertising platform that connects brands with highly targeted consumers. Blippar takes everyday products and transforms them into content-rich, consumer-centric interactive experiences. The app is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and windows phone.

As a lot of you know what Google goggles are, when you click on an image, it searches for relevant images on the web, however this failed for me most of the times.
The Blippar app, you could say is the 10th version of Google's Goggles. Suppose you have a can of Pepsi in front of you and want to know all the things related to it. You simply put the can in front of the camera in the Blippar app and then it will give you all information related to the product like " Meet your favourite NFL player!" or " Pepsi is launching its new product!"

This is only one part of what the app could do for you, you can also play a games with it.

With the App, you could also assign a Heinz's ketchup bottle art to identify that it is indeed a Heinz ketchup bottle. The app then triggers a pre-programmed augmented reality on the device, a Heinz recipe book appears on top of the bottle as seen through the device, allowing users to flip through meal ideas with Heinz ketchup as an ingredient, as though the recipe book were on the actual bottle itself.

However you will not get a output for every image which you show in front of blippar's camera, there are preloaded products and items on Blippars website which you can use to do many things shown above. However, Blippar has told us that in the future you will be able to Blip anything and get a related and get a matching output. This app has been in the market quite some time, but it is getting better and better as new products are being added regularly.

Did not clearly understand what was shown in this post? No worries! You could check Blippars YouTube page and get to know its features or you could see their video below!

All Gif's made from videos on Blippars YouTube channel
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