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Now lock your cycle with an App!

Almost all of us have used a cycle and even locked it. But we used keys or number locks. I also don't think there will be even 1 person here who hasn't forgotten to lock his cycle and left it only to notice his luck of the cycle still being there when you're back after hours. Well all of them werent lucky, some of us HAVE lost our bicycles because of our carelessness. You probably cannot deny to this fact. Can you?
 In todays technologically advanced world where mobile applications are conquering  the world, this company has launched a new application along with 

Picturewith a lock (obviously) to lock your cycle and keep it protected in almost any way. A very well thought idea by this company, and our kudos to them!
Ulock, an Italian based company driven to provide your cycle the most comes with not only a good idea, but also has good materials for its lock so that you can get the most of it! Ulock features a advanced mechanical system powered with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy encrypted connection
There are many ways to unlock your cycle with this, NONE of them including a key or number lock

You can easily lock it at the power of a finger. Click a button on the Ulocks mobile app which automatically syncs your lock and the app. Or another option is that whenever the app comes close to the lock, the lock closes. This is very useful if you by any chance forget closing the lock.
Another way that Ulock provides is by the knock feature using the accelerometer of your phone, allows you to open ULOCK just knocking on your device even if, for example, you're keeping it in your pocket.
Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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  1. This seems to be so good! Just that it should've some how had the option of switching it on/ off from a far distance like your house or so.


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