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Man has allergy to apples. The iPhone Apple

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Huh? What is he saying? Yes I know you'd be thinking something like this, but well, yes, a man is suffering from allergy and rashes because of his new iPhone

In a one of its kind incident which happened in Stockton, A man called Mark Watson bought his new iPhone 6 last week, he was very happy as he got a phone with a larger screen size and better specs. But he did not know what was coming next.

Within weeks of his new phone, he was puzzled when a rash appeared on his left thigh and became painful and itchy as it spread. 
Initially the 37-year-old, who works as a retail manager, tried creams from the pharmacy.
But he was forced to visit his GP when the rash didn't clear and became lumpy.
Initially, his doctor was too puzzled as to why this happened, later the doctor came to a conclusion that the allergy was due to the iPhone. Due to the Nickel in the iPhone

He said:  'You just don't expect to be allergic to your phone'
'I have never in my life had an allergic reaction to nickel, and before this it was a metal I associated with cheap jewellery.
'I just think it's wrong that this could even happen.'

Mark Watson and (inset) his rashes. Photo:

His worried GP had no idea what had caused the rash and ordered blood tests, asking Mr Watson to think about any changes in his life which coincided with the blemish.
He suddenly remembered he had received his iPhone just weeks before it appeared, and searched on the internet where he found a forum about phone-related nickel allergies.
He contacted Apple and was told, he claims, that nickel allergy is a recognised issue for some iPhone users. The metal is found in the phone’s microphone.
Mr Watson is now calling on the company to make customers aware of the dangers of the rash-inducing devices.
'Now I don't take it out with me if I'm going to be out and about for long, and I have to put it in my desk at work,' he said.
'When I spoke to Apple I was told it's mentioned in the terms and conditions, but I don't believe it is.
'When I searched on the website for 'nickel' nothing came up. I think they need to address this.'

Now even the costliest apples cant keep us away from doctors, instead bring them closer to XD ( No offence ) This bizarre incident can happen to anyone, also we know that phones emit radiations and hence we should not keep it close to us.

Be it while you are in your office, college or school, try to keep your phone away from you or else face the consequences which can be fatal too. 
And yes, remember this saying "precaution is better than cure"
Stay safe!

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