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iPhone 6 & 6+ in a glance

The Apple event took place on Wednesday, 9th September, and Apple made some major announcements accross all devices and softwares. Tim Cook showed the new range of devices from the Ipad Pro, Apple TV and the brand new Iphone, 6S and 6S+

In this post, we will be only talking about the iPhones

Here are some of the highlights of the iPhones

Live Photos

This is a simple yet innovative feature in which you have to take few snaps before and after the main photo you want to keep thus creating clips of live action

Front camera

Apart from the back camera, the iPhone also features a front 5 megapixel camera with a bump on it. The front camera will also have a flash. It wont be the mainstream flash but the light will source from your phones screen

Now you can take selfies in the dark too!

Body material

Both the iPhones will come with a more durable and stronger aluminium back body. Apple has used aircraft grade 7000 aluminium alloy which provides a good amount of durability and sturdiness.
This means that there will not be any bending issues with this phone as it is stronger than its previous model, iPhone 6 and 6+

The screen is enforced and is claimed to be the strongest screen Apple has ever made.

3D Touch

Apple has added the latest and most up-to-date feature in the history of iPhones, 3D touch. It enables the users to interact with the phone as it ads an extra dimension to the screen.
It allows you touch app icons to pull shortcuts for special features. For example, you can tap on a message to look at the content and if you press harder, the content window will open.

The design is the best thing about the latest iPhone. As you must have already heard some rumour's that the iPhone will be available in a new colour, YES! Its a reality now! The latest iPhone, both the 6S and 6S plus will be available in a fourth colour which is called the Rose Gold. Although the iPhones will look similar to the iPhone 6 and 6+ as both of them will be having the screen sizes of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch respectively.
The iPhones will be available in the colour rose gold which seems to be pretty suprising!


Both the iPhones, 6S and 6S+ will come with apples latest A9 chip which is 64 bit and is built with a new architecture. It has a 70% faster CPU and a 90% GPU than the older A8 chip

Price & availability

Enough said about the features of the latest iPhones, let us come to the "$$$" you have to pay to buy your new "i" product.
Although the indian prices are not out yet, the iPhone 6S will be available for $199 ( approx Rs 13000 ) on a 2 year contract for the 16GB version and going upto 100$ for the 64GB and 128GB ( approx Rs 6650 ) more.
The iPhone is up for pre-orders from 12th of September and will be available from 25th September onwards in select countries.

So... how was the new iPhone 6S and 6S + for you? Buying it? Tell us your views in the comments!

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Hrithik Kaul

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