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How to get the Android Marshmallow app drawer for Lollipop

It is quite some time since Google announced their next version of android and displayed its new features, one thing that caught our eyes was the new style of the App drawer with a different texture of white and a vertical navigation ( not horizontal ) through apps.
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Although nexus devices can get Googles official update to test the Android M, Nexus users also have advantage of getting the Android Marshmallow app drawer for lollipop compared to other phones because they can skip the first step we are writing below.

Download Google Now Launcher

To use the new app drawer, you will have to replace your current launcher with the Google Now Launcher. Nexus devices use this launcher by default, so Nexus owners can skip this step. If, somehow you do not have the Google Now Launcher then you need to download it from the Play Store by clicking below.

Google Now Launcher - Android Apps on Google Play

Install the new APK app for Android Marshmallow

Once you have installed Google Now Launcher, you have to download the Google App APK file. To download the file:

Make sure your device is set to accept downloads from unknown sources. To enable this, go to Settings > Security then tick the Unknown sources box.

Next, download the Google App APK file to your device, which you can get directly by clicking here ( The download will start as soon as you click the link ).
Open the APK once you've downloaded it, then follow the instructions to install Google App.

It is done, now you can use the latest app drawer Android has ever made! Did'nt like it? No worries, you can anytime uninstall the app as you do for other apps.

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