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Google play physical gift cards now available in India

Earlier in June, Google launched pre-paid gift cards for users which had to be paid for online. However Google now wants people to get this facility in an offline mode as they know that many Indians still are not comfortable in making online purchases.

As a solution, Google has bought physical gift cards to leading mobile chains in India some of them including Planet M, Vijay Sales, Sangeetha, Spice Hotspot and more.

The gift cards will be available in three denominations, 750, 1000 and 1000 rupees. These gift cards can also be purchased on

Google has launched these gift cards just before big festivals in India like Diwali which could probably be a good gifting option for smartphone users especially for children.

It is not just restricted to games

If you have this idea in your mind that you can purchase only games with these gift cards, NO. You can buy games, in app purchases, music and movies.
Currently Google is giving massive discounts for many apps and games. Many of the popular games are available for just 10 rupees! Some of the games available at 10 rupees are Prince of Persia Shadow & Fame, Table Top Racing Premium, Real Steel.
Many movies like the Hangover part ||| are available at discounted rates. Also, apps like Mind Games Pro, Facetune, Cameringo+ Filters Camera are also available for only 10 rupees.

Cities it will be available

The gift cards will be available Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hydrabad and Jaipur in all the stores mentioned above. If you are living in a city which is not mentioned here, You do not have to worry! Google will expand this service to tier || cities soon. Also, You can purchase the gift cards from with Cash On Delivery here 

We think this is a very good strategy to make gift cards available physically at stores. This will make more people get their hands on paid apps who do not have accessibility to online payment
Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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    1. Thank you! We will make sure your interest in our blog will increase day by day! Stay tuned :)


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