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Google introduces new feature for its search engine

Google, which started just as a search engine years back and just showed you links from other websites, has reached very far from where it started.
Google has various features on its website like telling what the time is to acting as a stop watch, it also shows where a flight you're looking for is. It recently during easter egg also did a barrel roll which turned the whole google page upside down and back.
They still haven't stopped this and introduced a new feature in which when you type  fun facts or I'm feeling curious will give you facts! Not only this much, theres more...

When you click the ask another question, google displays more and more unique facts infinite times ( probably ) because i tried it way too many times and didn't get the same fact twice.

So, don't get bored whenever you are, instead type two words, or three, i.e "fun facts" or " I'm feeling curious" setback, relax and leave the rest to google. And your boredom isn't gonna be back soon!

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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