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Xiaomi plans to sell Sunglasses now.

Oh yes, you read that right.
Xiaomi, the smartphone brand is launching products from various fields, just yesterday, they've launched a $29 (Rs 1943) sunglass which has a branding on it called " Turok Steinhardt" and are have the shape of the most popular aviator type glasses. 
The glasses are available in three colours, namely Blue, Black and Gold.

Apparently, the lenses of these glasses are made of the same space-age nylon that visors of astronauts' are made of. The lenses are inside a lightweight gunmetal frame making it extremely thin and light. 

The lenses have the latest technology like filtering out most of the harmful UV rays off your eyes, and due to the sharpness of the lenses, you could use it anywhere from a drive to work, or at the beach.

These glasses are also as tough as nails and don't have any issues with water. The glasses resist fire very well, so well that where other glasses and lenses melt, you wouldn't notice even a little change in these glasses if its exposed to fire.

Coming to the name, I'm sure most of you are already thinking, such a weird name for a simple pair of glasses?
Although not directly stated by Xiaomi, these glasses are named after a physicist duo Neil Turok and Paul Steinhardt. 

You could buy these glasses from the Xiaomi website if you're in China, however, as this is a crowdfunded campaign, Mi has not revealed when they'll be shipping the units after the minimum sales goal is achieved.

So are you interested in buying these sunglasses from one of the world's biggest smartphone makers? 
Do let us know in the comments below!

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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