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Week long phone battery life is just 2 years away!

According to a report by Bloomberg, the smartphones will see see a major upgrade in their battery life in the next few years.

In the arena of smartphones, almost everything is getting upgraded from screen size to screen types, processors, camera etc. What has not changed a lot over the years is the battery life of phones.

An investment of $7.5 million by an unnamed smartphone manufacturer has made the UK's Intelligent Energy get to work.

In an interview with the Intelligent Energy's CEO, Henri Winand told that if everything goes as planned, the world would see a great advancement in the technology of phone's. However, it was also said that this would first reach to places without access to large power grids as they will be benefitted a lot from this.

The company is known for utilising the power of hydrogen in London's black taxis, the company will now be developing a fuel cell small enough to put inside phones. Using technology that converts hydrogen into electricity, their objective is to bring a 7 day long battery life to smartphone users.

We hope that this is going to come in phones as soon as possible so that we wouldn't have to carry powerbanks  along with our phone's everywhere ;)
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