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This bike runs on Android and has laser beams!

If you live in one of the few countries LeEco (formerly LeTV) is present, you surely would know about their phones amazing looks, features, specs and lastly, their cheap price which doesn't burn your pocket. In India, it became so popular and had very good sales, after which the company offered benefits worth 8 Crore (80 Million) Rupees on their LeEco day which took place yesterday. 

The Chinese company, which is a newbie in the smartphone industry is even newer to the “smart bike” sector.

This bike, made by LeEco surprisingly runs on Android and even has a fitness tracker on it.
If this isn't enough to surprise you, this cycle also had lasers. Yes, you read it correctly.
The bike is made of titanium and carbon  fiber. Between the handlebars of the cycle is what makes the cycle run on Android, a small phone. 
The phone is running a special skin just for the bike. You can do the usual things like call people and send messages. 

This was just an introduction to the cycle.

Sensors in the handle bar take your heart rate while you’re riding. This cycle is very good for getting directions, and every time you ride on the cycle, the journey is recorded.
This bike pretty much also gives you the feel of a motor bike. The handlebars have built-in indicator lights just like you see on cars and motorcycles. For the indicators to function, you just need to press a button, that simple.

Talking about the lasers, a red laser shines on the ground on your left and right side. This line is meant to show how close someone can get to you without scrapping your cycle.
Of course, this cycle isn't cheap. It runs on Android and has some cool features. Currently the Le Super Bike is already on sale on China for $800 and the company says it will reach the United States by next year. 

We'll also keep you updated as to when it will reach other countries.

So are you interested to buy this bike?

Image Credits: Digital Trends

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