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Streeemr- The simple material interface music app

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Typing just "Music" on the Google Play Store App show's you end number of music apps, may it be a music player application or a music discovery app, which consume a lot of your phone's memory due to the apps large size.

However, there aren't many apps which consume less data and doesn't take much space on your phone.
One such app, which takes just around an MB to download, and has a pretty good looking simple layout is Streeemr.

With Streeemr, you can upload your own audio files on your private account after a quick registration and then make your songs public so that anyone on the app could listen to the song.

Being in it's initial stages, it does not have many users however the developers are aiming to increase the number of Streeemr's massively in the next few months.

Users can also upload their picture and a lyrical Streeetus (Status, if you didn't get it) on their profile to spice things up!

The songs which are made public can also be shared with anyone who does not have a Streeemr account. This is a good feature by the developers, as songs on many other music apps cant be played without having an account.

Although, we've mentioned "app" quite a few times by now, the developer says the following about the app- 
This is a temporary app. My main focus currently is web. Once I finish implementing all features on web, I will be focusing on app. So please take that in consideration before writing your review. Thank you for the support! 
 However, their Play Store App does not lack anything present in the website and has an impressive simple layout on the app, just like the website.
As we mentioned, the service is in it's initial stages, it pretty much has been able to impress it's users. 
However, this could be one of your favourite apps, or website, if you do not want to waste a lot of space on your phone, yet have a well designed app.                  
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Out of around 30 ratings of the app, it has a score of 4.6 which is good enough for any app.

Personally, I have a phone which hardly has any space left, and a music discovery app is a must for me.

The Streeemr app takes hardly an MB of your phone's storage suits very well for me and anyone else who does not have a lot of storage available on their phones.

Although the app will take a while before it is loaded with songs, you can try it and upload your favourite songs on it for others to listen, or even upload songs you've made so that it is heard by more and more people!

We recommend you to first register on their website, and then download the app if you're interested.
You can visit Streeemrs website or download their app here.
Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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