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OnePlus 3 to probably ditch invite system and to launch by June

OnePlus had made a drastic change in the smartphone industry by making a phone with extraordinary specs, looks and features at a very cheap price on their first device, the OnePlus One.

This also continued with their next smartphone, the OnePlus 2.

And then the company launched the OnePlus X, which had the best looks, and features compared to any other smartphone in that range.

But, as we all know the only thing that we hate about OnePlus is its invite system. Most of the people couldn't get their hands on the phone for months after it's launch due to it's high demand.

In an interview with Cnet the company’s CEO Carl Pie revealed plans for the upcoming phone.

He said that the company will make a renewed push for the US market with the OnePlus 3 and will adopt more traditional forms of marketing hinting at what could possibly be the end of the irritating invite system.

If this turns out to be true, OnePlus will have to improve the phone's production and logistics by a great extent.

In the interview, Carl Pie also told that although the OnePlus 2 had much better sales than its predecessor, the OnePlus One had created a lot more buzz in the industry compared to the OnePlus 2.
He added that he wants to see the same buzz with the OnePlus 3, which suggests that OnePlus is working hard with their next flagship, and the phone will create a hype in the market.

Carl Pie also said that the company expects to offer a "better buying process," which suggests that the invite system is going to be scraped with their next flagship.

The company will also except payments through debit and credit cards, rather than just offering PayPal payment's.
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