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Chinese 'Superphone' maker LeTV to enter India on 5th January

Range of LeTV phone's
Chinese smartphone manufacturers, along with mobile manufacturers from all around the world are eyeing India as it's market due to its large population. 
In the last few years, the smartphone sales in the country has been increased rapidly with phones of new players like OnePlus and Xiaomi being sold like hot cakes. Added, these phone's have designs and finishes as good as any big smartphone maker based in America or Europe. 
If you still do not know why we wrote SuperPhone and not SmartPhone as the title of this post, it is because LeTV calls it's top-notch phones SuperPhone's. 

LeTV has sent out invites for its event in January and plans to launch its whole range of smartphones successively. For now there are no details about what products it will offer first and what the price point of those phones will be. This could be a good new-year gifting option for your near ones, if you could wait for a few days more.

About LeTV 

If you are thinking that LeTV is only a smartphone manufacturer, or is mainly into smartphones like OnePlus or so, you are wrong. Its primary business is media streaming and digital content and is one of the largest online video companies in China. Headquartered in Beijing, LeTV is building a ‘Le Ecosystem’ to offer any video content across multiple devices. It includes Internet television, movie production house which includes blockbusters like The Expendables 2 and 3 in China, TV applications, cloud video services, technology for automobiles for better connectivity and application tools, televisions with record holding 120-inch 3D 4K Ultra HD TV etc.

Why LeTV is different from others

Like OnePlus is known for it's frustrating invite system without which you cannot lay your hands on it's suprime phones and Xiaomi who's phones got sold within seconds initially, LeTV too has it's own story to say. More about their 'uniqueness' will be told to you later on when their smartphones come in the market. 

The current smartphones in its portfolio are Le 1, Le 1 Pro, Le Max and Le 1S.
Le Max and Le 1S have mirror-surfaced fingerprint technology, first ever seen in a smartphone. According to LeTV the fingerprint canner has an accuracy of 99.3% with fingerprint recognition under 0.15 seconds. 

The fingerprint reader at the back also allows 360 degree touch to unlock the device. Dubbed as LeTouch, the reader is scratch proof and can be doubled up as a small mirror. The phones have top of the line features seen in high-end smartphones these days and look chic thanks to bezel-less display on the front.

The phones come in metal with classy gold and silver colours. The phones are usually priced between Rs 11,000 and Rs 25,000. LeTV is not planning to localize the production anytime soon, with the main focus being expanding into the Indian market.

Along with this, the company has been marketing itself on social media and engaging its fans for a long time. It has also had meetup's in India big cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. 
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