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World's first customizable smartwatch: Blocks

Everyone was surprised when they heard about the Project Ara by Google.  It was a very different idea from the normal phone. However it's launch is now delayed to 2016.

In the meanwhile, a Startup company called BLOCKS has built something similar, but for a smartwatch. 

This customizable watch comes in three modes called  Businessman's module, Athlete's module and the Adventurers module. 

The businessman mode can be activated by turning the NFC contactless module on. This will help you to make payments directly from your wristwatch. Apart from that the watch will also have a SIM module in order to keep you connected even without your cell-phone in hand.
The athlete mode can be activated by adding a Heart Rate and GPS module to measure your pulse and track your location respectively.

Swappable & Customizable
Coming to the adventurers mode, it can be activated by adding extra batteries and switching the adventure setting to on, which will alter altitude, temperature and humidity settings to your surroundings accordingly.

The smartwatch is open source for hardware development, which means that anyone can develop modules for the watch.

Coming to the design of the smartphone, this watch is going to look very suprime. BLOCKS is partnering with a luxury British jeweller called Tateossian. All the shells will come with a rhodium plated base along with enamel colours over alutex. So, you will be able to customize your watch just by replacing the shells accordingly. Seems too suprime right?

They are also offering more and more upgrades to their page on Kickstarter.

Some of the updates which they have given and will give are-

  • Metallic Finish is now available
  • Gorilla glass display will be installed for everyone!
  • The screen will be upgraded to AMOLED if they reach $1.5M

Watch BLOCK's YouTube video-

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