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Now, your selfies to be used for postage stamps.

The selfie trend is ruling the world in the recent days. With numerous people taking risky selfies and getting to the launch of a spoon which will take your selfie, it is becoming more and more popular in the recent times.

Adding to this, the postal department of india has introduced a unique programme with which anyone can convert their selfies into valid postage stamps.

Named as My Stamp, the postal department is trying to revamp its strategies so that more and more people start sending letters once again.

This was also conformed by All India Radio on Twitter.

Pricing of the stamp 

India Post will charge rupees 300 ( US $4.5 ) for 12 stamps. As per the reports, one needs to visit the Head Post Office with a selfie and fill out a form detailing your identity. Soon, the selfie would be scanned, and converted into a legal postage stamp and provided to you instantly.

Infact, if you don't have a phone or you broke it, or any other reason, the Post Office will provide you a camera for free so that you can click a selfie on the spot.

Regarding the quality of your selfie, so that it would not look as bad as the ones on your Voter ID card or Aadhar card, the India Post department has already ordered for high end photography and printing material which can convert your selfies into high quality postal stamps.

India is not first

If you are thinking that the indian postal department is the first country to do this, you are wrong. In Bhutan, this program has been running for quite some time now; in which tourists can convert any picture (or selfie) into a legal postage stamp. Introduction of this innovative program in India can certainly help India Post to generate a new level of interest among net-savvy generation. 

Also, many websites and postal departmenst throughout the world offer the service of your own photograph as a stamp, what highlighted us was that India Post was advertising this as a selfie program and they were even giving you cameras to take a picture of yourself.

Do you think the world is getting to obsessed with this selfie trend, or no? Do tell us in the comments below!
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