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Now track your health with a Tattoo!

In a little time from now, in the fast revolutionising world in which there is something new in the technology sector, you now would not even need a band or a watch to track your health, you just need to get a temporary tattoo done!

Chaotic Moon Studios, a tech based startup has designed a tattoo that pretty much does all the things a health tracker can do. It gives you basic information about heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure and body temperature. The tattoo, as you can call it, has been named "Tech tats" 

The tattoo consists of LED lights, a micro-controller, and conductive inks to create a circuit board on the skin and will be linked to apps made for Android and iOS. 

On the tattoo, A Tiny 85 microcontroller stores and receives data from temperature sensors via electroconductive paint. There’s also room on there for an ambient light sensor that illuminates LEDs when it’s dark. And unlike a fitness tracker, you can mount it on places other than your wrist. The tech tattoos could be used to monitor a child’s vitals after a surgery, or provide a less public or more according to what you want, to display fitness tracking.

You can see their video here 

As shown in the video, the Tech Tat can transfer health data from the micro-controller to an app onto your mobile device.
The company also says that in the future, with more advancement in the tattoo, one can be able to make payments just like Apple pay or Samsung pay.
 Unlike entering a PIN on your phone for most of the present options available, with the Tech Tats you will be able to do the same thing in a different way- instead of tapping your phone on a pay terminal, you can gesture and the payment information will be handed to the terminal from the controller. 

The company has not told much about the pricing. It was heard that the company might opt for band like designs, mainly because users might feel it uncomfortable having a tattoo on their body. But this ofcourse will remove the uniqueness of the product, wouldn't it?

We also hope that the company has taken everything into consideration which can cause various problems like rashes due to this tattoo

Regarding the release of the tattoo, the company has just told that it will still take quite some time for this product to release, so we just have to wait till then.

Would you want to buy this device? Do tell us in the comments below!

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