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20 OnePlus 2 invites to giveaway!

The OnePlus 2 is a flagship killer, 2016 flagship killer. Rightly said by OnePlus. This phone has all the specifications of a phone which shouldn't cost less than double its price. We also compared the phone with Google LG Nexus 5X. You can check the post here and clearly saw the OP 2 was much better in almost every way. OnePlus is so confident that it is offering a you to donate your Samsung Galaxy S6 for a OnePlus 2.

With this all, almost all of us know about its annoying invite system. For those of you who have not purchased anything this Diwali, or want to buy more, We are giving away 20 India Specific Invites for free! The contest will commence on 14th of November at 12 Noon and continue for the next 2 days.

Just do the below steps to increase your chance of winning!

Terms & Conditions

  • Only users from India can participate, as this is a India-specific giveaway.
  • Invites to be won- Twenty (20)
  • You can enter the contest with more than 1 email ID belonging to you. ( please don't consider the other statement we have given in the T&C )
  • Use the same name and email address and name as you wish in your invite. We will NOT reconform your email whatsoever.
  • Your invite will be delivered to you. If not, TechaGuy is not responsible for it.
  • We cannot exchange the invite for any cash or kind whatsoever.
  • For users who have already subscribed to our mailing list, please check your email for a surprise :D
  • Your name/identity may be used for promotional purposes or as proof for this contest.

  •  TechaGuy OnePlus 2 invite giveaway

    We wish all TAGers a very happy and prosperous festive season! 

    Special thanks to Vivek Musale for contributing a lot for this giveaway

    Non-India viewers, you are equally valued by us! We will be doing something for you soon too :)

    All the best.
    Edit: Thanks for making this contest a success! All the 20 winners have been contacted ( 7 mentioned above and the rest 13 are contacted manually )
    Hrithik Kaul

    Hrithik Kaul

    I am also the owner and founder of You can view my posts there too!

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