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View your notifications, battery, signal etc with Google's new wallpaper!

The Google creative Lab, Google's division which is responsible for promoting google's products has recently launched a new app called Meter. Looking like a new and unique app on the Play Store, the Meter app is a live data driven wallpaper that displays the various phone essentials like App usage, Missed calls, Battery level, Notifications, Wireless signal and more. 
You can see a GIF of the notification feature below
Credits: Dwight Goliday Jr
The App shows three visualisations which change every time the device is unlocked and each wallpaper can be tweaked by twisting or turning the device. Starting from the battery and notifications to the app usage  and missed calls, the 'Meter' app is very well designed with a very good user interface and design which add upto a reason for users to install it. However, till the time this article was published, the app has not got many installs but should be getting more in the future. You too should check out this new app developed by the Google Creative Lab.

Including this app, the Google Creative Lab has launched five apps which include Photowall for Chromecast, Tunnel Vision, Landmarker, and Lip Swap. 

The website of the maker says that the idea of the app is given by Mikkel Koser with code by Jonas Jongejan and Kyle Philips.

I personally liked the new thinking of the developers of the app. The applications also works pretty well on most of the devices I tested it with, except the ones, obviously, which have low space.

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