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PhoneDrone: Make your Smartphone your complete drone.

There are a lot of Drones in the market, most of being very costly and needing some experience to operate it. 
Then comes the PhoneDrone; Cheap, inexpensive and useful. Your phone flies with the drone in a protective case.
The PhoneDrone is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can fly it autonomously or pair it with another smartphone for more control.

The PhoneDrone was designed by Indiana-based xCraft, which is the same company that brought us the hovering/fixed-wing X PlusOne drone. The company's latest quadcopter can be flown in a few different fashions.

First of all, using a free app on the phone, users can enter a flight path which the PhoneDrone will then autonomously follow. Alternately, if they have access to another smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), they can keep that one with them and use it to manually pilot the drone via Wi-Fi – they'll also be able to watch live streaming video from the drone's phone camera while doing so.

The developers say the main use of this Gadget will be for taking pictures from the sky, also known as bird eye photography.

 It features propeller arms that can be folded back for transport, along with a folding mirror that allows the phone's camera to shoot ahead, straight down, or anywhere in between. Flight time is 20 to 25 minutes, and an ultrasonic collision-avoidance system is in the works.

However, as seen on PhoneDrones web page, they have not been able to receive enough funding for the project and has been "delayed" for now. Yeah, I along with you hope this is going to happen soon! You can see their page here.

PhoneDrone Video

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