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Yu Yupix, compact printer for Android and iOS launched for Rs6999

If you want to talk about revolution of something in the technology field, you have to speak about how the photography industry has evolved.
Just until few decades back, to get a photo, you had to randomly choose 1 without even knowing how the photo was taken, take its film to the camera shop and not get it back before weeks, then we started getting cameras with screens so you could see how the photo looks. And then we got cameras with big screens and excellent resolution.
But now, as we all know, the phone's themselves are a very good up-to-date camera with high specs.
But with our phones too, we have to use those big printers to print photos.

Although there have been some mini printers launched for phones, they are still not THE BEST to use and are updating constantly.
Today, we have the Yu Yupix, a modern mini camera for Android and iOS phones. Yu's parent company had recently launched many products with their sub company 'Yu'
They launched phones and also a fitness band.
But now, Yu launched the Yupix which lets you take prints of photos directly from your Android or iOS device! The printer is as small that it can fit into your pocket. The company says that it can print an image within 60 seconds. It also has a transfer which is 10x because of WiFi and NFC connectivity.
The printer is said to have a 'unique' cartridge which does not require a cleaning roll and has an integrated ink ribbon with photo paper. It can print up to 10 continuous copies. The device is also said to be water and fingerprint resistant.
The compact printer can print pictures in 2.1x3.4 inch with a resolution of 291 dpi. The printer is said to use a Dy Sublimation technology to print photos. Measuring 2.99x6.01x0.94 inch, it weighs 273 grams and has a 750 mAh battery. Android users can download the YuPix app to wirelessly sync their devices with the printer.

Although it is good to see companies coming out with phone printers, we think it is not still up to the mark because the YuPix can print images of sizes 2.1x3.4 inch which not many people prefer and need.
Would you buy the device? Why or why not? Do tell us!
You can give a look at the device and buy it from Amazon's Indian website here

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