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Snapchat helps to nab cab driver stealing iPhone

Due to the technological revolution of the 21st century, it has become very easy to catch hold of thieves and criminals. Mainly because of their call records and because of their phone location.  But as recently as last week, there was a little more to the advancement. A SnapChat story caught a thief who stole a drunk girls iPhone.

While shooting her SnapChat story, in a drunk state 2 girls in Toronto, Canada, one girl in the video is 'exciting' in the cab, her friend shoots the video thinking it was funny.
But just before the girl sticks her head back into the cab, the driver takes the phone and hides it. As you can see in the video, the cabbie also waved his hand just after he got his hands over the phone.
The car is said to be registered with the toronto firm Beck Taxi's

However, after having a few drinks the two girls didn’t spot the taxi driver first snatch the phone and conceal it from view. It wasn’t until they watched the Snapchat footage later that they realised what had happened.
You can watch the video below or go here

With the video, the girl also said
"On Saturday night i took a cab home with a friend. As she was exiting the cab I clicked onto my app 'snapchat' and filmed her exit thinking it would be funny. If you watch the beginning of the video you will quickly see him reach over and take her phone as she was getting out of the car. He doesn't think twice and finally waves to the camera. police were called and he was charge with thief.
She also added that she wanted other's to become aware and do not fall victim to incidents like this. The phone was switched off immediately once they got to know about the missing phone. This could have happened with her wallet or to make things worse, she said that the cab driver could also intoxicate them.
She also told " Dont trust your cab driver, always double check the cab "

The police were called and the taxi driver was charged with theft.

 We know that there have been several cases like this, but we want to share it with you in  terms of technology and safety. 
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