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Samsung's see through trucks get honors at Adweek's Isaac Awards

Samsung, the leader of Smartphone's, in terms of sales which also sells many different type of electronics had come up with a great idea back in June to make roads safe for commuters, starting with Argentina.

For those of of you who don't know what Samsung trucks are,
These trucks will have a camera installed on the front of the truck, and it will display the vehicles/objects in front of the truck to the vehicles behind it by installing a screen at the behind of the truck.
Samsung says that though it will not be very beneficial directly to the truck companies, it can help the government a little by not making much changes in its infrastructure, which is not making a 2 lane road into a 4 lane road, instead installing these screens and cameras on trucks which will help faster vehicles to overtake the trucks easily, and most importantly, safely.

The trucks will have a night vision camera and screen which will provide the same ease to commuters as it will be provided in the day
Although, after testing in Argentina, the company said that it is not currently fit for use, but in the near future it will start to be used in majority of trucks in Argentina. A few days back, this concept by Samsung was highly appreciated at the Isaac Awards for which Samsung one an award too

This is a very good step in the revolutionizing road safety.

You could watch the video to know exactly how these trucks will be beneficial. You are going to be impressed.

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