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A mushroom could charge your phone soon!

Yes. In the near future, mushrooms could do a lot more than filling your stomach's, according to a study by University of California, Riverside bourns college of engineering have created a lithium-ion battery which is made of portabella mushrooms which are inexpensive and easy to produce. 

The current methods of making lithium-ion batteries are not only expensive, but are also not environment friendly. 

UC Riverside engineers were drawn to using mushrooms as a form of biomass because past research has established they are highly porous, meaning they have a lot of small spaces for liquid or air to pass through.

In addition, the high potassium salt concentration in mushrooms allows for increased electrolyte-active material over time by activating more pores, gradually increasing its capacity.

This is what Brennen Campbell, a student of the college had to say. 
With battery materials like this, future cellphones may see an increase in run time after many uses, rather than a decrease, due to apparent activation of blind pores within the carbon architectures as the cell charges and discharges over time
If this actually comes to use, and then is further implemented in all other battery operated Appliances, and also electric cars, we will be doing a very good job to save and protect our environment and saving it from pollution. The phones itself are in billions, so if this 1 component of the phone is switched to something greener, the world WILL appreciate the college and the people behind this. 
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