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Snapchat phone, expected in the near future?

Source- MediaKix
We all know the crazy tradition of Snapchat.  Disappearing videos, photos, texts and what not. This has made Snapchat a big hit.
The makers of Snapchat have already taken sunglasses to a whole new level, would they do the same with phones?

With Facebook and Instagram, lately even WhatsApp trying to copy feature of Snapchat like the Stories, Snapchat could go down the drain if they don't do anything new.

Mediakix envisions the Snap phone coming equipped with a 360° camera, as well as volume buttons that could also be used to scroll through Snapchat Lenses. Of course, the home button is replaced with the signature Snapchat ghost.

Source- mediaKix
The software and home screen would also be made around Snapchat, with most of the space being given to the Snapchat stuff. The home screen would mostly have Snapchat notifications including stories of your friends.

For capturing pictures and videos easily, a user could simply press the Snap Capture button when the phone is unlocked.  The phone is also expected to have the best camera till now. Thats quite expected, right?

Source- MediaKix
Snapchat works pretty secretly, so we probably wouldn't get to know much about the device until a few months before the actual release date.
What we expect from a Snapchat phone would be that the phone would have a highly customised Operating System built highly keeping the app in focus, and the hardware would be outsourced to another big smartphone manufacturer. 

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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