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You might not even need to touch your next iPhone!

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. 3D Touch was just the beginning to change the way you interact with your phone. This was widely advertised in the iPhone 6s series. 
But now, Apple is going to the next level, according to a patent filed by the company in March 2015, you will not need to touch your phone to control it, instead It would use the photodiodes in your screen and other proximity sensing hardware to detect hovering gestures.

The sensors within the LCD display would likely work with the proximity sensors around the phone as well as to combine and be able to tell when a finger, or your palm, is hovering over the screen of the phone. 
From there, it could narrow down to where you want to interact and mean you can get functionality without even tapping a button.
The possibilities with this technology are enormous. It will allow you to control the screen, offer a new input for gaming and it would likely even mean the phone can lose the IR proximity sensor it uses to detect your head when on a phone call.
Quite often we put our finger over the phones display when reading or looking for which app to open next. That may not be possible with this new technology. 3D Touch had a similar problem when it first launched as people were not used to the feature showing up after a long press.
As the patent was filed only in early 2015, most likely this new feature will not come along the new iPhone 7, which is most likely to launch in September this year. However, it might be ready for the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 in the next few years. And that's only if Apple sees that this feature could be added without any difficulties and would not be cumbersome for the user. 

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