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Android device manager? You should rely on UNIQ mobile finder to find your phone!

We all have lost our phones at one point of time, or probably know someone who has lost theirs, right? And then almost all of us were not able to get it back. So, all we did was to block our sim card so that nobody could use it. 


Someone gave you the suggestion was finding it using the Google Android Device Manager which can only give you some details such as the phones location, play a sound or erase the phone.

As you can see, with this you will have a very less probability of getting back your phone.
And then this is a small glimpse of what the UNIQ Mobile finder developed by Zealeer's Technologies
  • Take multiple selfies of intruder 
  • Capture Video 
  • Sim card change alert
  • Contact Backup
  • Track Mobile phone location, Ring phone and Format all data
  • Send a message to get intruder details 
  • SMS alternative incase of no internet connectivity
  • Alarm if anyone tries to move your phone without your knowledge
Your attention was caught right away seeing the points written above, right? If so you can download the app UniQ Mobile Finder right away or continue reading to see more about this phone finder app

Takes Multiple selfies of intruder: 

When you loose your phone or someone steals it from you, the thief will obviously try to unlock your device. You can set a minimum amount of wrong unlock attempts after which the application will secretly take multiple selfies ( you can choose between 1 and 7 number of selfies to be taken yourself )

Capture video: 

The application will take a 30 second long video of how it looks around the place where your device is. It can also record what the intruder is speaking and what he/she is up to with your device. 

Contact backup: 

Losing your phone leads to another major problem- Losing your contacts. That is why the UNIQ app will also send all the contact details by sending a SMS saying "Contacts" to "Your Lost Mobile Number" from any mobile. Contact backup will be in 2 formats. One in .xls format so that you can easily read your contacts and one in .vcf so that you can easily put all your contacts in any android mobile in one click instead of saving all your contacts manually.

Sim card change alert:

Now this feature seems to be very good! The App will notify you as soon as someone changes your sim card with another one. UniQ Mobile Finder immediately shoots you an email with photos, location as well as details of new SIM such as phone number, subscriber ID and network provider etc. So that you can now atleast know your sim card will not be used (Probably)

Lets just see what few users had to comment about this App. More features will be continued after it..
The most amazing fact about this app is that it works fine in both when there is an internet connection and even if it doesn’t have. When there is an internet connection will get the intruder information through mail and if mobile doesn’t have internet connection it send the information through SMS. -Akhilesh Giroh 
A Must Have App Last week I had forgotten my brand new Asus Zenfone while shopping in a supermarket. By the time I realized that I had lost my phone, it was too late. I checked back but couldn't find my phone. I had lost hopes to find my lost phone worth Rs. 15k as the CCTV cameras also were not working at the time. Fortunately I had heard about this app from one of my friends and had installed it the previous week I lost it. I checked the mail id which I had used while installation. And amazingly, it had all the information(phone location and photos) about the person who had stolen it. It was a Supermarket guy -Aishwarya Saxena
Track Mobile phone location, Ring phone and Format all data:

When intruder enters a wrong password, UniQ Mobile Finder immediately shoots you an email with a multiple photos, video and current location of your mobile phone so that you can easily track the intruder. There will be links in mail through which you can track the mobile phone location, ring your phone. It will even erase all your data if you think you wont get it back.

Send a message to get intruder details: 

This is yet another amazing feature of the app. It always is not necessary that someone has stolen your phone and will try to unlock it, right? That is why if you send a SMS "Lost" to your phone from someone else's device, the application will send a text to the person's phone who sent 'lost' to the mobile number of the lost phone.

SMS alternative incase of no internet connectivity: If there is no internet connection in your mobile phone while sending the intruder details all your intruder details will be sent to your friend’s mobile number via SMS

Let's see what 1 more person has to say about the application
I lost my mobile phone today morning when I went out for jogging. I installed uniq mobile finder but dint get time to test the app but luckily I did all necessary settings. I have searched my mobile for more than 2 hrs but dint get it. Suddenly strike my mind that I installed uniq mobile finder but I dont know how it works so I mailed uniq mobile finder team and asked their help, they replied asking if I on the "Email Alert" and "Lost" features or not I said yes and given my mail id to get the theft details. They asked me to send a SMS saying "Lost" to my mobile number and I got the mobile phone location in my mail id and I track my mobile and got it back. It worked like a magic. I will ask all my friends to download this amazing app. -Amshu Patel
At the time of writing this article, the first bunch of reviewers gave the App 4+ Stars, which in itself says that the app has something UniQ ( Unique ) 

If you are tired of people taking your phone without your consent, or adding this to yet another feature of the App, anybody who tries to move your phone without your knowledge (eg while sleeping) UniQ Mobile Finder triggers an alarm, a very loud alarm. Along with this, your flashlight also starts blinking. This continues to ring until you type the correct password.

Now you will ask, "What if the intruder switches off the phone, will I get my email?" 
YES! You will get an email as soon as the intruder switches on the phone again.

If you are thinking that the intruder will factory reset your phone, and then this App will be of no use, you are WRONG! For rooted phones, a factory reset will cause no difference to the functioning of the app. 
Even if the thief will flash a new ROM to the device, nothing will happen. 

This is what the developer of the application had to say regarding the Flashing of ROM
Two of the more common resets available on cell phones are the Soft Reset(Factory Reset) and the Hard Reset. A Soft Reset(Factory Reset) relates to the rebooting of the entire system. 
It deletes all the information stored in the device by reformatting a hard drive. Typically Soft Reset(Factory Reset) can be performed inside the phone(From Phone Setting). Hard Resets relates to the resetting of any hardware in the system. Hard reset is one of the forms of factory reset, whereas only the hardware is rebooted. 
Hard Reset of a computer system is a hardware operation that re-initializes the core hardware components of the system, thus ending all the current software operations of the system. Typically Hard Reset can be performed from Short Cut key or from Computer. 
So, If your phone is rooted and intruder Hard Reset the phone our application wont get deleted and it will work fine. But if someone Soft Reset(Factory Reset) the phone, our application will be deleted and it will not work. But to perform the factory reset, Intruder must know your password to go inside your phone and perform the factory reset, so if Intruder type wrong password our application will take the photos, video of the intruder and will send it across to your mail. So mainly nobody can perform the factory reset until they know your password.
Asking about the pricing of this App, all good things come at a price, But the uniQ mobile finder is free for the first 2 weeks ( 14 days ) and then available for only Rs 99 ( Approx 1.5$ )

So, the only thing you have to do for the app to work is to download it before hand. If you have not downloaded the App and expecting this app to do something after you loose your device, it cannot do much. While testing this app, it works for almost all of the latest devices but had some problems with older phones running older versions of Android. 

UniQ Mobile Finder -Anti Theft - Android Apps on Google Play

Download UniQ Mobile finder- Anti Theft. If you have any problems with the functioning of the app, you can comment below. 

This video explains yet another reason to download the app

Photos- UniQ Mobile Finder
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