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Say no more to Queues with this APP!

Lets face it. You, me and all others have spent hours of time just doing unproductive work by standing in a line. May it be visiting a bank, going to a doctor for a checkup or waiting for a takeaway in a restaurant, you have to wait for a lot of time to get your turn. 

That's when this App developed by the founders of TastyKhana come to your rescue.

Sminq, Acronym for "See me in no Queue" wants to save time for everyone, and this is their business. 

Is my takeaway ready? Has my bike been serviced? or when is my turn due at the doc? – will now be answered pro-actively by the businesses. Sminq will notify you when it is time to take action. 
Not only this, as we already mentioned, Sminq will solve your problem at banks and takeaway restaurants too!
They will show you the live status of the queue and you can join these queues remotely.

"Great, Fabulous, perfect, saved 1.5 hours of frustration" -A user review
The App allows users to join and wait in the queue without actually being standing there. As soon as a user joins their queue, he/she will be notified their exact position in the queue with real time updates over the app and Text messages.

The company claims that so far 13,000 unique users have used the system and have saved 100s of hours of their personal time. The app has already been downloaded by 1000-5000+ Users and have given an average rating of 4.8 stars. Out of the total 68 reviews, nobody yet has given the App a 1 or 2 star rating. Pretty good as of now.

Moreover, the company claims that 
"Great !! Nice app time saving and accurate. Minimises frustration of waiting in queue. Great job done
Sminq has 2 Apps, one is for the users and the second one is for the business managers. Both of the apps are available on the Google Play Store as of now. 

Speaking about the income of the business, the company will not charge its users anything but charges the vendors for use of their services and their plans start from Rs. 2000 per month.

Where can you use Sminq for now?

As of now, the App only functions in the Indian city of Pune. The app will be expanded to Bangalore soon. 

As of now, you can use the App for clinics in Pune. But very soon this service will be expanded to Restaurants, Salons and shopping malls.

You can visit Sminq's website to know more about restaurants, saloons and other offerings.

This looks like a pretty good service for almost every person! So, do you want Sminq do come to your city? Comment below!

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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