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Now, anti terror robots that are equipped with guns & grenades

Terrorism ofcourse is not that easy to stop, but one can atleast try to fight against it. That is why a Chinese firm has introduced robots named reconnaissance, armed attack and moving and defusing a bomb.

The robots are toy sized and made their debut in 2015 at the World Robot Conference in Beijing. The scout or reconnaissance has the ability of field detection through field detection with the help of a camera or a sensor. 

When it senses something of suspicion, it sends the information to the headquarters for further investigation. 
Then, based on the requirement of explosives needed and need of evacuation, the robot will start its mission.

As we already said that the robot is also specialised in diffusing a bomb, it cannot handle very complex bombs and so a professional personnel from the bomb defusal squad will have to arrive for further processes.   

Coming to its dimensions, the small EOD robot, which weighs about 12 kg, is especially designed for soldiers working alone. Made of aluminum alloy and industrial plastic, the robot can be carried on the back of a single soldier.

Also, a s threat approaches the robot will start firing with the features it is equipped with- minor caliber weapons, recoilless rifles and grenade launchers. With a pre-installed telescope, a trigger and a safe installed the robot can fire from far distances too. 
The local city police is said to be the first buyers who have purchased the robots prices at 1.5 million Yuans ( 230000 USD or 1.5 Crore INR ) from the manufacturers HIT Robot Group, who are based in the northern city of Harbin.

“Apart from anti-terror operations, they can also be applied in fire fighting, public security, forestry and agriculture,” the company’s sales manager Chen Deqiang said, according to Xinhua.

So do you think that this approach is a good and efficient way to stop terrorism? Although we can see the results and give our opinions only when they are used in some real operations. Do leave your comments below!
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