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Browse with high speed internet while flying!

Technology has hit almost every person in the modern world. Everyone from the people to businessmen to ecommerce to even the government needs internet for various things.

The common man needs it for entertainment, shopping online, Facebook, video chatting on skype or watching a movie on Netflix.
But the most irritating time is when you are on the long distance flight and have nothing to do except for watching where your plane is or watching a movie of the small bunch of movies preloaded on that small TV in front of your seat.

This is when the Jet company JetBlue comes to your rescue! 
On Wednesday, the carrier announced progress in making free in-flight Wi-Fi — the carrier calls its service Fly-Fi — available on all of its planes. 
Although some airlines like the Virgin Airlines already offer you that, JetBlue wants to give you more! Much more.

Most airlines charge for in-flight Wi-Fi, at varying prices that passengers often feel is too high — especially when the connection is spotty or slow. On a short flight, purchasing access to Wi-Fi on the plane could cost as little as $5 ( Rs 30 approx ), while on longer domestic flights passengers can pay upward of $40 ( Rs 2400 approx ).
JetBlue has named its Wi-Fi as Fly-Fi. The airline told that the entire JetBlue fleet will be Wi-Fi equipped by the fall of the next year.
This is what the company's VC of brand and product had to say.
Our Fly-Fi model has proven that there is a way to offer customers more without adding extra costs to their travel
Not just providing free Wi-Fi, the airline says that it wants all of their aircrafts to have such fast internet that users can even watch NetFlix without buffering.
A survey by Honeywell Aerospace last year found 66% of travelers were influenced by the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi when purchasing a flight. That number has since likely increased.

As we said earlier, Virgin America is rolling out faster Wi-Fi that will even handle video streaming on some of its aircrafts, and is offering the service for free — but only until March 2016. After that, the airline is expected to introduce a new pricing structure.

Although there are many companies across the globe which provide in flight WiFi, most of them are limited to just few aircrafts per company and you can not do much more than sending a message on WhatsApp or viewing a photo, JetBlue could probably make the scene much better.

I am pretty sure that you will want to have your next journey in a JetBlue plane, hope this kind of a service is available with air carries across the world as soon as possible!
Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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