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Ola & Uber gets in-cab WiFi service!

Uber & Ola, the biggest cab service providers always look into providing new and better services for their customers.
Be it their referral system or so, they are very keen to get more and better services for its customers.
Just last month, in August Uber partnered with Airtel to provide WiFi for all their cabs in all their cities such and Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.
“It’s a war of better products and convenience and features for riders,” Amit Jain, president of Uber in India, said of the competition with local Indian ride-hailing apps.
So whether you're stuck in traffic or got a call from your boss that "this has to be done in an hour!" and now you don't know what next, with the help of Uber your internet is just a click away!
Adding to this, Uber has now started accepting Airtel money payments which is another benifit for customers!
Uber will give the user a password by sending them a message before their ride starts. Also, as uber does not force its drivers to work only for them, is trying to disable WiFi who booked their cab through rival apps.
Also, Uber isn't just benefiting only it's customers, they are giving mobile data and cellular data and discounted rates!
This means the Airtel-Uber partnership is benefiting in many ways to many people!

Coming to Ola, they are a little rigid in giving their WiFi service, at least for now because it isn't being provided to any and every customer. Ola has launched a new service called Ola select and will provide the WiFi service to only to those who use the service very frequently, also, Ola has tied up with Myntra to give special discounts and coupons to Ola customers.

At Ola, we have always believed in redefining mobility in a way that people don’t find the need to own a car. Many of our customers use us every single day of their lives and Ola Select is our way of treating them ultra-special. Ola Select aims to give loyal users, a wide range of benefits like in-cab Wi-fi, upgrades, exclusive offers from our partners and more. We are confident that Ola Select customers would enjoy the additional benefits and continue to be patrons and evangelists in our mission of mobility for a billion people,” said Sudarshan gangaradhe, An Ola cabs spokesperson

This seems to be a quite good offering as in the growing tech India, needles to say, in cab WiFi is a very good service coming to rescue for people who don't have good data connectivity!
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