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Cortana now available for Android!

Cortana, Microsofts personal assistant which was till now just available for Windows devices rolls out for Android too! But still in beta.

If you don't know what cortana is,  it is an intelligent personal assistant that helps you carry out many tasks like searching the web on-the-go, getting reminders, tracking information such as flight details, parcel details as well as completing tasks accross all of your devices. Pretty similar to Siri or S voice

Cortana is, as we all know, not the first virtual assistant. Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Samsung has S voice. However, cortana is different, by what Microsoft tells us.
Cortana has been made to understand cultural and local sensibilities. It is made as per the user requirements of various geographical factors. It is also customized to reflect the local language, speech patterns, idioms of each country.

Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager says
"Our goal with Cortana is to deliver a culturally relevant, helpful and approachable assistant as a part of great experience on Windows 10 devices"
 The announcement does not say whether it will bring this intelligence to android as well. But we are sure that it works for different geographies Example, It  will play the national anthem when asked to play a song in Australia, it will track the air quality and actively provide the information to its users in Russia. This reflects the patriotism in the development of Cortana. It will also use sarcasm in its responses if it detects you are fooling with it. 

Everyone has a mixed reaction on cortana, I am a 50-50 supporter of it. The outcome of what cortana gave were far too good than Siri and Google now, it's way of answering a question is pretty better than others, however it does not understand different accents very well. I guess it will give the best output of what you said only if you have an American accent unlike Google now, with which i was the most happiest in terms of what it hears from your question/ task.

The Android app too is not too good to see, more like a toned down version.
Android users can download it directly from the play store iOS users will have to wait a little more, but Cortana is coming for iOS too!
The app is just for USA for now, however you can download it no matter which part of the world you are in presently. You will not get local customizations for now, but Microsoft is rolling out the update for other countries soon!

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