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Beware of fake OnePlus Two invites

In the recent times, we've heard about fake iPhones or Samsung phones, probably some of us have even been conned by people who tried selling fake phones to us.
But now, things have changed. Changed very much! Many people, including me have got "fake invites".
One of the latest and best mobile startups in the recent times, OnePlus who launched their phone the OnePlus Two are having a tough time in something which one wouldn't think about! As i already told you. YES! I AND MANY OTHERS got fake Oneplus two invites. This shows how desperate people are to get Oneplus invites.
Probably, this is endemic to only india because only the Oneplus India FaceBook page posted about the scam and not the worldwide Oneplus Facebook page. You can check the thread of the fake invites here
Although, OnePlus didn't mention any way to detect the scam, we are helping you out with it.

  • First of all, didn't participate in any competition or didn't add your email in the reservation list, buddy, I'm sorry there is no way your invite is genuine. Opens doesn't in any way send an invite to a person who didn't participate in a competition or didn't put their email onto the reservation list
  • Secondly, the e-mail says that OnePlus has partenered with aliexpress for worldwide shipping and redirects you to the aliexpress website. Saw something like this on your mail? Again, sorry buddy, the invite is fake.
  • Lastly, if any of the the above doesn't apply to you, yoou might get an email which seems totally convincing to be legit, but. No! This one is fake if. when you click the "buy now button"   and redirects to, your invite is fake.
Now you'd ask me, what is a legit invite then!?
Well, the answer to this is simple, it will redirect you to OnePlus's website and nowhere else!

Good luck with your invite and phone! Did we mention any incorrect thing in this blog? Please comment below :)

Hrithik Kaul

Hrithik Kaul

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